Product: Ace & Woods – CALM ESSENTIAL OIL ROLL-ON 平: 精油隨身棒
Reward: 180 points
Product Description: CALM is a comforting blend to bring moments of quietness, clarity and stability to our lives. It is especially helpful when we face frictions, tension, anger and anxiousness in our home, workplace, relationships and self. It assists us during moments of imbalance.
平: 精油隨身棒舒緩的特質能為我們帶來平靜,清晰和穩定的心。當我們在家庭,工作或人際關係中面對摩擦,緊張,憤怒或焦慮時,它能帶領我們度過這些失去平衡的時刻,讓我們回復平靜 。
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