Product: Ace & Woods – RELAX ESSENTIAL OIL ROLL-ON 舒: 精油隨身棒
Reward: 180 points
Product Description: RELAX’s soothing and tranquil aroma relaxes our mind, body and spirit. It helps alleviate various health issues caused by chronic stress including poor digestion, insomnia and headache. It is especially helpful when we face intense stress at workplace or after a long hard day.
舒: 精油隨身棒舒緩和寧靜的香氣能幫助我們放鬆身心。它有助於緩解由慢性壓力引起的各種健康問題,包括消化不良,失眠和頭痛,在我們在工作時面臨巨大的壓力時尤其適用。
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